Popularity of smart home systems in Poland is constantly growing. Significant sales rates include Silesia, Mazovia and Lesser Poland voivodeships. This is a clear evidence in FIBARO’s 2018 sales boost by as much as 47% compared to 2017. The success of the company results not only from identifying customers needs and responses to their requirements but also to a significant extent, due to the increased awareness about smart home systems and recognition of real benefits of smart installation.

There is a lot and there will be more

According to IDC research company’s forecasts, the total number of devices sold on the global smart home market is expected to reach 939.7 million[1], an average of 18.5% per year compared to 433.1 million in 2017. Poles fit into the world trends and strive to increase life comfort which is why they are reaching for smart home technologies that help them during many routine activities and also increase the level of sense of security thus, reduce the feeling of stress associated with potential threats in their homes. This is evident in last year’s FIBARO sales results in Poland. This value increased by 47% and the volume of sold products by 28% compared to 2017. Other Central and Eastern European markets results show strong upward trends: Hungary 231%, Slovakia 830%, Serbia 162% and Russia 976%.

– We are witnessing a global change in which FIBARO is one of the driving engines. According to Samsung’s predictions for 2017-2019, the development of the smart home market falls under the “early majority” phase. This means that smart home systems will be installed in more than 10,000 000 households during this period, and in subsequent years this figure will increase to more than 100,000 000

– says Mikołaj Pertek, Director of FIBARO in Poland and Central Europe.

 This change does not happen on its own. Among others, FIBARO’s activities in the field of increasing awareness of Poles about the benefits of smart home systems, strategic partnerships and training and certification program for installers. They also translate into a direct increase in FIBARO’s sales by 47% on the domestic market

– informs Pertek.

The biggest sales growth concerns Home Kit carbon monoxide detector (CO Sensor) with an insane digit of 3040% and smart outlet (Wall Plug) 403% and Z-Wave version of the Heat Controller and Temperature Sensor – 1996%. Popularity of the first two products testifies to the growing interest in devices that work with Apple ecosystem. Furthermore, carbon monoxide detector is a device that saves lives. It is used to detect carbon monoxide that can neither be seen nor sensed. On the other hand, the Wall Plug is a smart outlet that can be controlled from your smartphone – so if you don’t want to get out of bed to turn off the lamp at the other end of the room, you can do so by tapping screen of your phone. They are also plug’n’play devices, so you just need to connect them to your smartphone to use them. Heat Controller and Temperature Sensor set popularity is due to the possibility of heating costs reduction by up to 40%, which in Polish weather conditions is a number one argument for buying this product.

Diversified sales channels

Although the main channel of reaching customers is a highly developed network of qualified installers and intensive cooperation with developers, FIBARO insists that the availability of products for individual customers is as high as possible. Therefore, smart home devices from Poznań can also be purchased from energy suppliers, telecom companies, technology stores and DIY networks.

 Telecom companies and energy suppliers are important partners for us. They account for almost 25% of FIBARO’s sales in Poland,

-explains Sebastian Lisowski, FIBARO National Sales Manager

However, we see a large group of customers who want to try their own skills in installing smart home devices. It is because of them that we have cooperated with such partners as branded online stores such as Komputronik, RTV Euro AGD, Media Expert, Neonet as well as specialized networks such as iSpot, Cortland, iDream or Leroy Merlin

– adds Lisowski.

Nonetheless, it is important to remember that the interest of real estate developers wants to use smart home bundles in their investments and is constantly growing. Currently, apartments equipped with FIBARO are offered by top Polish real estate developers such as Yareal, Budimex, Marrow, Maycom, APM, Nexity, Unidevelopment or Abax.

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