Thanks to cooperation with world-renowned Korean electronics manufacturer, FIBARO devices have been integrated with one of the most popular IoT platform, namely the SmartThings. Such a connection enables associating FIBARO devices with other manufacturers equipment based on Samsung platform.

Samsung SmartThings is currently one of the most recognized Internet of things platforms in the industry. Manufacturers have the opportunity to offer their customers equipment that works not with one but with many brands, which will allow even better use of the smart home potential in everyday use.

Cooperation with Samsung and the presence of FIBARO products on the SmartThings platform gives practically unlimited possibilities of expanding the system with functionality provided by FIBARO devices. This kind of integration is a great enterprise, benefiting both, the manufacturers and their users. The SmartThings platform is present in more than 200 markets worldwide. This gives a unique opportunity to expand and offer FIBARO products to new customers. We must not forget about the constantly growing market of domotic solutions, the increasing user requirements and telecom projects which is why it is so important for us to enter into cooperation with Samsung.

– explains Krzysztof Banasiak, the Member of the Board at FIBARO.

FIBARO or SmartThings platform allows you to control your home via simple and intuitive mobile app. This solution is an extensive infrastructure, capable of integrating devices in the IoT industry. Users get a unique tool that transforms their home into an innovative, safe and friendly space to relax and meet their needs. From now on, users of this platform have the opportunity to use also FIBARO devices which can cooperate with smart locks, smart thermostats or HVAC systems and are present on the Korean manufacturer platform:


Thanks to the integration of FIBARO devices with SmartThings, the possibilities of a smart home had become significantly expanded. Users benefit from additional features in areas such as safety, entertainment, lighting and HVAC. For example, when the FIBARO Motion Sensor detects movement in a room, it automatically adjusts the heating or cooling of the interior simultaneously, thanks to the presence in a smart watch manufactured by SmartThings – an appropriate notification of this fact will be displayed on the watch. Another useful feature is the control of electricity consumption by means of micro modules and the Wall Plug integrated with the SmartThings platform which enables detailed savings report to improve any home budget.

By combining the possibilities offered by FIBARO and Samsung, the user will also be able to control the household appliances of this brand, thus offering even wider possibilities of operation and use of these products on a day-to-day basis.

The possibilities of the system are so great that we will be limited only by our imagination. It is possible that the nearest future will enable turning on heating in the car, check the fuel, oil or tyre pressure via the app. You can already find Tesla or Subaru among the brands integrated with SmartThings. We believe that further development of this platform and other projects implemented with SmartThings by Samsung is moving forward very dynamically, I am glad that FIBARO is an integral part of these changes.

– adds Krzysztof Banasiak.

Currently, FIBARO has integrated the following devices with SmartThings:

  • Motion Sensor,
  • Door/Window Sensor,
  • Dimmer 2,
  • Single Switch,
  • Double Switch,
  • Wall Plug,
  • Flood Sensor,
  • CO Sensor.

Keep in mind that the list is still expanding and you can see new smart home products compatible with SmartThings in a short time.


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