The space where we rest and relax, study, meet with friends and family. Home is not just about a beautifully decorated living room and thoughtful accessories. This is the place where equipment and solutions shall make life easier, save time and help you enjoy every single moment. How does FIBARO home help to create a perfect mood in accordance to your current needs?

It is obvious that our needs change over time. Young people have a lot of meetings and right after opening the front door they hear their favorite music. The top tunes are played via integrated speakers system that are initiated by FIBARO smart home system. One press of a button can trigger a sequence of events — Roller Shutter will close the blinds, RGBW Controller will set up a perfect lighting and speakers will play your hits from the 90’s.

When children appear at home the set of activities is slightly different and adults have their everyday challenges way diversified. The ritual of falling asleep is extremely important for the proper development of the youngsters and the entire family as well. Most importantly, exactly the same devices that previously helped us create the perfect mood for a house party are excellent to help your child fall asleep. Pressing a button will close the blinds and curtains to create an intimate and safe atmosphere, Dimmer will slightly dim the light so that the child can fall asleep while you slowly finish reading his favorite fairy tale. An relaxing lullaby coming from the integrated speakers will have the children dream in no time. Obviously, when the children are sleeping, you have your free time to enjoy a quiet evening with your second half.

Romantic evenings spent together are a moment of true relaxation, sincere conversations and a proper peace of mind. A simple voice command to Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant associated with FIBARO smart home can turn on the electric fireplace, turn on romantic music and initiate Dimmer 2 in order to set a perfect lighting combination.

Sometimes each of us take work home, deadlines are getting shorter and shorter and all the goals or tasks must be done. The increasing number of remote workers makes a lot of people working in their homes. Focusing often meets specific scenarios where our brain and body feels good to tackle much more tasks. A proper mood supported by light, sound and safety makes our work more efficient. The right lighting to support the focus process which doesn’t make your eyes tired, music that supports concentration — all this triggered with a command: “Focus Mode”!

There are multiple examples for managing a smart home and creating mood conditions for relaxation, learning, meeting etc. Smart home system will respond immediately to your needs by adopting the environment just as you wish. Each scenario can be triggered with voice, mobile app or manually with a press of a button or KeyFob. Visit our official website to learn more about FIBARO’s various mood scenarios.


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