On April 12, 2018, a debate was held on “Smart Kielce – how will the future of flats look like?”. The discussion panel was attended by representatives of the development, architectural and Internet of Things sectors. The meeting was combined with the opening of the FIBARO Experience Center in Kielce at Szczecińska St. 34. The new location enables customers to experience how the smart home system works and what benefits it can bring to their everyday life.

The debate “Smart Kielce – how the future of flats will look like” was organized on the occasion of opening FIBARO Experience Center. It is a special space where customers can experience how the smart home system works, what devices it includes and what functionalities, comfort and convenience of using smart home solutions provide. During the meeting, the guests could learn what the term “smart living” means in practice. Apart from being technologically advanced, it is also safe, economical and does not require any permanent intervention in the construction of the building.

Panellists discussed the future of flats and apartments in Kielce and how this market responds to global trends, including those related to smart construction and the Internet of Things. Experts also discussed how smart home, IoT, artificial intelligence and voice assistants will influence the current and future real estate market in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. Thanks to such a place as FIBARO Experience Center, representatives of the construction industry, developers, professionals, architects and installers have gained access to the latest solutions in the field of home automation, which they can test themselves or even present it to their customers and partners.

Among the speakers there were: Mikołaj Pertek, FIBARO Country Manager and Agnieszka Bojarowicz MSc, architect, BB MULIER. During the meeting, the speakers disproved the myth that in order to create an smart apartment, it is necessary to carry out a thorough renovation. Today’s smart home solutions, such as the FIBARO System are wireless, and its elements with interesting, minimalist design are pocked-size and fit in the human hand. Thanks to such technology, both developers who can apply this solution already at the stage of investment planning, customers who have just bought a new apartment or people who already have their own M3 or house and want to make their current apartment smart can opt for “smart flats and apartments”.

During the meeting, the guests of the debate also discussed how smart home solutions translate into expenses related to everyday use of a house or flat. Whether a smart home is just an investment in modernity and comfort or the chance to generate savings.

Last year, together with TNS Poland, we studied how much Poles pay for heating. It turned out that one of the highest taxes in the summer season fell on the residents of Świętokrzyskie – they amounted to over PLN 313. FBIARO solutions such as The Heat Controller, an intelligent thermostatic head, can reduce this cost by up to 42%. This is what smart home solutions are all about – they bring savings, increase safety and bump up comfort of life.

– said Mikołaj Pertek, FIBARO Country Manager during the debate.

Research conducted by IRCenter agency on behalf of FIBARO show that as many as 80% of Poles know what smart home solutions is, but over 22% of them misunderstand the concept and associate it with e.g. decoders and smartphones. Moreover, 3 out of 4 Poles declare that they would like to install smart home solutions in their homes.

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