The winner of the Gold Medal of the BUDMA fairs – FIBARO Walli line of smart and classic outlets and switches available on the market since 2019 are now available in a brand new color. Absolutely any interior will benefit from the attractive look of smart devices in a beautiful and elegant anthracite color.

The voice of the customer and the market is what we listen to

The launch of FIBARO Walli series took place at CES 2019 in Las Vegas and echoed widely, disrupting the market of electrical installation equipment. Many individual customers as well as real estate developers were interested in smart and classic outlets and switches with the proud “Made in Poland” tag. A lot of designers and architects asked about the product availability in the most sought after anthracite color. .

Measure of our time opportunities

Anthracite Walli series, just like its predecessor, will not be limited to managing lighting or electricity in smart homes, apartments or offices. Like any device included within electricity, the circuit will manage the power usage and drop our daily electricity costs. Let’s not forget about its remote control comfort – the ease of use is a supreme UX feature.

Walli smart switches and outlets were popular among customers, media and influencers around the world. The feedback we got back was very positive so we decided that the white and anthracite versions should have the same features.

— explains Krystian Bergmann, Growth Director at FIBARO

The switches and outlets create a complete series that allow maintaining visual consistency throughout the entire house. High-quality design and unique material texture are enclosed in a form with an illuminated LED ring, the color of which can be customized depending on the purpose of the switch or socket.

Voice assistants are core features if we speak of the Internet of Things. Walli outlets and switches series are ready to work with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Home via the FIBARO system.

Installation with no renovations

It is worth mentioning that the FIBARO Walli smart sockets and smart switches can be installed at any moment e.g. during renovations or after within an existing installation, just like the rest of FIBARO smart devices. Replacement of non-intelligent devices with FIBARO smart alternatives may be divided into stages. Replace the old technology systematically with new outlets and sockets and reach the full smart home automation experience. Thanks to the compact dimensions, the product is ready to be connected directly to the electrical system and placed in an electrical junction box.

Specific Walli series available for sale::

– FIBARO Walli Switch
– FIBARO Walli Dimmer
– FIBARO Walli Roller Shutter
– FIBARO Walli Outlet type E, type F

Classic non-smart (N):
– FIBARO Walli N Outlet type E, type F
– FIBARO Walli N TV-SAT Outlet
– FIBARO Walli N Ethernet Outlet
– FIBARO Walli N Outlet USB

What is more, the sale also includes accessories that enable the installation of devices in frames from other manufacturers, such as Legrand, Gira and Schneider as well as double and triple cover plate and buttons from Walli series.