After the January launch of Walli’s anthracite series, FIBARO unveils another element of the smart outlets and switches – Walli Controller. The multipurpose smart button that can be installed almosty anywhere and can trigger automation scenes, manage lighting, blinds or alarm with a single press.

Always a step ahead

House or apartment renovation is a time consuming activity and each of us had a situations where an outlet or switch has been forgotten in a crucial spot. Each time we get out of the bed to turn out the bedroom light is becoming a nightmare just because we forgot to place a switch next to our bed. Interfering with existing electrical circuit is expensive and involves walls renovation. All the dust and electrician performance are what we rather want to avoid. Family changes such as newborn child may also require some surrounding improvements related to comfort. Combine smart devices or any electrically powered equipment to make a proper environment for your baby. Walli Controller comes to the rescue.

No one will have to get out of bed to turn off or dim the bedroom light — place Walli Controller next to your bed locker and control it directly from your bed. One of the ready-made automation scenes is a perfect example to make it all clear to you. Automated routine of our lives are located within a scenario, packed with automation e.g. “Good Night” where the lights turn off (or dims), the blinds go lower and Heat Controller’s smart thermostatic valves adjust indoor temperature for the time of our well-deserved rest.

Evening with a favorite movie. A moment when no one wants to get up from the couch, when the sun goes down and you want all the blinds to go down. There are 8 sequences you can set up and trigger automation scenes that will let you enjoy any movie without getting up from the couch. Stick the Walli Controller under the coffee table.

Surprise yourself with automation launch variety

Walli Controller controls multiple devices including switches, light dimmers and blinds. It combines alarm features so you can arm the home alarm or close the entrance gate. Automation presets are one of the most awaited features where users can easily adapt button functions to a specific type of device control.

By launching Walli Controller, FIBARO has combines users expectations with extraordinary aesthetics and easy-to-use button to bring the smart controls into one place and one device. This is what Internt of Things is all about.

-explains Tomasz Jankowski, Product Director at FIBARO

Smart multicontroller has been designer to make it fit wherever users want it to fit. Put it exactly where you need a smart switch. Stick it to any surface or wall, under the desk or bedside table and if necessary, use the self-adhesive tape. Mount the switch literally anywhere. Let’s not forget about the built-in battery. It lets the users press the button over 7000 times. Of course, use DC if you want to have the switch connected to power supply.

Now imagine leaving the house and having the Walli Controller near the entrance door. One press of a button sets all the automation to lock windows, set the alarm and all the surveillance system to secure the house. Another button press can turn off all lights or close the external blinds. Configuration capabilities are limited to the quantity and type of devices currently connected to the smart home ecosystem. FIBARO system modularity lets you add further devices and expand smart home automation that the new button will perform on our behalf.

Residents of homes will certainly appreciate the ability to set up the Controller to act as an extra button e.g. stair (two way) switch installation or subsequent button to the light control room. To be honest, it can act as an mirror switch of an already installed Z-Wave switch in your home. Garage or basement areas are a great location to reach our smart automation with the switch however, it is necessary to make sure that Z-Wave network is available there.

Beauty and rich interior

The switches and outlets create a complete series that bring automation right under our fingertips. Walli series has its unique visual consistency that introduce a stylish look within entire house. High-quality design and unique materials texture are mixed together in a consistent form with a built-in LED ring. Eight colors of the ring will suit interiors of any kind. Walli Controller like the whole line is available in white and anthracite color. With all the cover plates** you can place the Controller next to another device from the Walli line by changing only the decorative plates.

Walli products available for sale:
Smart series:

FIBARO Walli Switch
FIBARO Walli Dimmer
FIBARO Walli Roller Shutter
FIBARO Walli Controller
FIBARO Walli Outlet type E, type F

Classic (N):
FIBARO Walli N Outlet type E, type F
FIBARO Walli N TV-SAT Outlet
FIBARO Walli N Ethernet Outlet
FIBARO Walli N Outlet USB

*feature available when Walli Controller is connected to fixed power only

**cover plates are sold separately