Due to the ongoing product monitoring process, the FGCD-001 (CO Sensor) produced in March 2018 may have problems with on-time reaction to tested gases, which are a mixture of carbon monoxide with air, described in the EN 50291-1 standard. According to this certificate statement and in the interests of our users, FIBARO has launched a special servicing program that let’s to replace the product with a new one free of charge. It applies only to the production batch from March 2018. Servicing program has been announced within all FIBARO distribution and to all users who used the faulty device. FIBARO has used a remote detection process to develop a precise exchange program. If you have purchased a Sensor from a batch produced in March 2018 be sure to report it. Replacement to a new one will be performed free of charge.

The device appropriately notifies of life-threatening concentrations of carbon monoxide, but may not notify of small amounts that may cause health threat.

To get a new sensor, just contact your supplier. If you have any problems or difficulties, please contact us at [email protected]

How to find out if a product was manufactured in March 2018? The dates are located on a box label.

Please keep your FIBARO devices software up-to-date – it enables the most efficient and stable operation of the existing smart home installation an to send notifications to users via FIBARO system at the exact moment of detecting any danger to household or the system itself.