When looking through the websites of mobile and television operators, electronics and household appliances online stores, we observe a trend of using “smart” as a popular feature. Smartphone, smartwatch, smart TV, smart refrigerator — everything is smart out there, however, many marketers are still looking for an original idea to create a unique “smart” offer.

 Insurance companies have real potential to not only insure property and people but also offer accident insurance as a complement feature. Developers can offer apartments and houses that make life truly pleasant and much easier, including better home budget savings. Companies that manufacture hardware can offer complementary “smart” solutions or customize their current products to become “smart” and respond to current users needs. But what do customers really expect from these smart solutions?

There are different users needs but let’s focus on what’s  most important: smart solutions promise to make life easier and takeover some of our responsibilities. As an example, imagine how many things we do through a smartphone or through a smart TV nowadays. COVID-19 global pandemic has forced people to #stayhome – a different lifestyle approach where smart solutions let us practice yoga with people from around the world, take part in a live concert on YouTube, join video conferencing, share a package of files and edit content live via browser or find out who’s at our front door via our smartphone. What about the smart home? Let’s look at it in a certain way: a lot of the products and services are bought for homes or apartments. These are the products that can deliver greater value to your household by connecting them to smart products or services. We are talking about huge potential of an undeveloped market here.

What are the client’s benefits?

  • Completely new and positive experiences

A well-prepared “smart” offer allows the user to discover that the activities he has previously done personally can be automated, e.g. closing all blinds or turning off the lights. This experience always evokes very positive emotions.

  • Unique sense of security

An iron, an open window or an open apartment’s door – these can surely cause a lot of stress. Studies conducted by FIBARO indicate that people who have smart home solutions have three times less emotional tension caused by similar situations than people who do not have smart tech in their home. Home automation prevents e.g. flooding, monitor the doors and window status remotely or switch off any electrical appliance. As a result, it significantly reduces daily stress. For example, we do not have to go back home to see if we closed the door, window or nervously think if we have left the iron on. Find more about smart tech in our life here:


What are the benefits of a brand providing customers with new values of smart home?

  • The modern brand

Thanks to home automation scenarios taking over parts of daily duties makes the good experience transferred to the brand that provides them — it also becomes “smart” and is associated as modern.

  • Stronger customer attachment to the brand

“Smart” solutions and the values provided by them have considerable potential to strengthen customer loyalty, who become brand ambassadors with real benefits.

  • Potential for the up selling

By providing the customer with a smart solution, we build the potential to engage them in more and more extensive interactions. The life cycle changes the needs of the family e.g. after a birth – a new family member. For a single, the most important are light or multimedia management, however, for a family with a small child the needs related to property and family safety are number one priority.

The world that surrounds us will inevitably become increasingly connected, and the Internet of Things -IoT will become more and more widespread. Therefore, it is worth thinking today about preparing a unique smart offer, where smarthome will be a key value that we will delight our customers with.