Specialist distributor Alloys has been appointed as the Master Distributor of FIBARO, one of the leading companies on the global smart home market. This strategic agreement is aimed at expanding FIBARO’s market presence through strong value-added distribution. Alloys provides a non-traditional approach to distribution with multistate warehouses, showrooms, in-house trainings, plus technical, sales and marketing support for SME resellers. Alloys demonstrated the best fit go-to-market approach for FIBARO’s innovative solutions.

FIBARO is a global brand based on the Internet of Things technology. It provides solutions for building and home automation. In just a few years’ time, the FIBARO smart home system has spread throughout 6 continents, becoming one of the most advanced in the world. FIBARO’s mission is to enrich people’s lives by providing modern solutions that facilitate a comfortable, friendly and safe home environment.

“We are excited about the positive impact that this partnership will have on the entire market, and ultimately the consumer. We see a big market opportunity, and this partnership aim to add more value to the entire network, stabilise the supply, increase accessibility and improve the route to market. FIBARO products have developed to cover multiple communication platforms, from “Plug and Play” consumer to complex “Professional Installation” and Alloys present the commercial competences and values to address the significant variations in how the channels expect to access, promote and supply through to the consumer”.

– said Johnny Corry, Director of FIBARO Australasia (NZ) Ltd.

“It is fantastic to expand our partnership with Fibaro. Alloys have been one of the forerunners in the Smart Home Market over several years and we have seen many changes in the technology over that time.  FIBARO is an innovative and channel friendly organisation that is at the cutting edge of IOT products. With the expanding partnership we can focus on building the brand into the channel and present a strong proposition. We look forward to combining the innovative FIBARO solutions with Alloys expertise, to further develop local Smart Home Market”

– said Alloys CEO, Paul Harman.

Alloys have showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane fully equipped with FIBARO solutions and a team of specialists to assist with personalised product demonstrations for resellers and their customers. Visit: https://go.alloys.com.au/showrooms to book a demo.

With over 30 years’ experience in value-added IT distribution, Alloys improve the capabilities and opportunities of SME technology resellers by providing them a range of non-traditional services. Alloys offers distribution centres and product demonstration showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Their non-traditional approach delivers partners profitable product solutions, new growth categories and flexible to deliver improved cash flow, the cornerstone for any business.