Roller Shutter 3 is an updated version of the device that allows you to control roller blinds, entrance gates and garage doors as well as curtains and tilt-turn windows. Thanks to the Z-Wave 5 protocol, the product has now better connection performance and functionalities. Additional technological solutions also facilitate its installation and integration with the system used in a smart home. Roller Shutter 3 will be available from 6 December 2018.

Convenience included

FIBARO Roller Shutter is very popular among enthusiasts of smart home solutions. So far, more than 300,000 units have been sold, and interest in the smart device is still increasing. The main purpose of the device is to enable remote control of motors controlling roller blinds and curtains. Smart device of this kind can also be successfully used to operate entrance gates, garage doors and tilt windows. All thanks to the FIBARO smart home system.

Comfort and safety

Roller Shutter 3 allows you to switch off the control of the wall-mounted buttons and use the app controls only. The device in combination with the motor will also detect resistance and automatically block e.g. the movement of roller blinds. It is particularly important when there are children and pets in the house that may accidentally get under the roller shutters when they are lowered. In addition, the ability to set up scenes allows you to launch a sequence of events at a touch of a button, which will adapt the interior to the current needs of its residents. When you decide to watch a movie, one click will allow you to turn off the lights, lower the blinds and turn on the TV e.g. if they are connected to a smart home system. The same is in case of detection of unwanted movement (e.g. burglary) The system will initiate an appropriate scene and activate e.g. alarm lighting, a sound signal and rise all roller blinds.

Even easier installation

Roller Shutter 3 will also delight professional installers and DIY enthusiasts. Thanks to the new solutions, the way of connecting electrical cables to the device is less important. Installers are often confronted with electrical circuits characterised by different colour labeling of the cables. In this case, it is very easy to connect cables to the inputs and outputs incorrectly – the Roller Shutter 3 allows you to change their order during set up process, so that there is no need to disassemble the switch again and change the connections.

Benefits of the latest Z-Wave 5 standard

Brand new chip and the revision of the Z-Wave protocol used in devices that create the Internet of Things (IoT) brings a lot of benefits to users and installers. It is not only faster and more reliable data transmission between devices over a longer distance, but also readiness for new solutions that will appear in the future, such as connecting the device to the home system while being still in the store. Importantly, for owners of devices using older versions of the Z-Wave standard, there is no need to replace them because the Z-Wave 3 and Z-Wave 5 work together. Nowadays, practically all offered devices use the Z-Wave 5 protocol.

Roller Shutter 3 will be available from 6 December 2018.

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