FIBARO offers a range of products and solutions that will be used in different rooms of our house or apartment and will make it safer, more comfortable and serve its residents. Motion sensors and doors or windows sensor that keeps track if its open or closed are useful in any room, not only in case of burglary but also can significantly improve our comfort of life. Smart gate management will make everyday life easier not only for the households but also for anyone who will find themselves in a smart home.

FIBARO smart home devices can be used to control roller shutters and blinds or to access the property as well as guard the safety of entire house or provide other priceless features.

Sometimes it is very difficult to begin the day, but the proper integration of FIBARO Home Center 2 and Roller Shutter 3 will allow you to get up with the rising sun. Certified Installer of smart home system will design the “morning” scene in such a way that the blinds throughout the house rise according to the time of sunrise, which is collected by the panel. Thanks to this, every morning will no longer be a fight for a next minute of sleep and the user will start the day with a smile on his face, ready for next challenges of the coming day.

Without any doubt, the issues of health and property safety are crucial to everyone. To avoid damage caused by very strong wind and storm or unexpected rain and water entering the apartment, an integrated weather station will send data to the smart home HUB and then all windows and blinds in the apartment will be closed with support of the Roller Shutter module. Warnings about the danger of carbon monoxide concentration are more common during the autumn-winter period. With the FIBARO CO Sensor, which detects dangerous level of this odorless gas will inform Roller Shutter 3 module to open windows in all rooms leading to air exchange. Thus, the household receives a clear signal to check if there is any source of carbon monoxide int the house.

As you can see, the FIBARO system is not only about savings in the home budget and beautiful, organic design, it is also (and perhaps above all) care for the life and safety of the household. Usually, when we leave our house for a longer time, we leave it in a hurry and after all we have to do so much so that the thought of unprotected possessions does not spoil our holiday. Arm the alarm, simultaneously closing all shutters, blinds and gates – all of this with just one simple click of a button.

The FIBARO smart home system also leads to real savings in the home budget. Both during summer or winter we try to maintan optimum temperature in the premises of our house. When the user leaves the house for work, the blinds will automatically close and the air conditioning or heating (depending on the season) will be set into a passive mode. This extremely simple example shows how smart home based on FIBARO technology helps to lower energy consumption or heating expenses. Such a small improvements in our daily lives lead to real benefits.

Closing the blinds is a common, everyday action, however, no one likes to do it when already sitting on a couch, especially when having a perfect siting position. Smart home features allow you to control your entire home with voice assistants, from FIBARO Home Center or with a properly programmed Keyfob device. With a simple press of a button it is possible to close all the blinds to enjoy the movie without leaving the comfortable couch.

Gates and blinds within home automation is not only controlling access to the house, it is also foreseeing negative consequences of damage caused by the forces of nature. If we are not sure if the blinds or windows have been closed when the rain has surprised us, we can check it out on the FIBARO app – anywhere in the world. All these possibilities are available with FIBARO system.