When Nice and FIBARO joined forces in August 2018, the first declarations and announcements emerged in integrating both companies solutions and products. During CES 2020 in Las Vegas, FIBARO presented the highly-anticipated, new generation of smart home management hub, the Home Center 3.

This brand new piece of technology had begun a new phase of integrating FIBARO and Nice devices – a joint smart home management system. Today, another new solution integrating technologies from both brands has been launched: the BiDi Z-Wave.

The power of simplicity

Bidi Z-Wave is a pocket device, comparable to a flash drive, that allows you to operate gate drivers of Nice automated gates equipped with IBT4 diagnostic connector compatible with Nice Opera. BiDi Z-Wave allows you to open, close, stop the garage doors and provides information about the location of the gate along with diagnostic status, especially relevant to installers. After FIBARO Home Center 3, this is another device connecting the world of FIBARO smart home with Nice equipment. Z-Wave technology is a core connector for these two. From now on, the entrance and garage door will not just be an ordinary executive device but an automated part of the smart home system. A gate equipped with Nice drives supported by FIBARO Home Center App (CES Innovation Honoree 2019 award) will simultaneously send a signal to the switchboard, which will perform certain automation e.g. turn on garden lights or windmill lights, defuse alarm and open blinds at home. This solution creates many unique possibilities and automation scenarios implemented on the property. Finally, your gateway acts as a part of a pre-programmed array of events that enhance user safety and comfort.

Gates automated by Nice automation technologies and equipped with the BiDi Z-Wave module will maintain their remote controlled features and additionally gain new input from the FIBARO system and devices connected to it such as KeyFob, The Button, as well as the FIBARO mobile app and voice assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant). This will allow residents to control the gate from anywhere in the world and open it remotely and securely to a gardener, delivery man or other service.

The installation of the BiDi Z-Wave is very simple and limited only to connecting it to a dedicated socket placed in gate controller equipped with IBT4 connector. The connector is present in the vast majority of the popular Nice gate drives offered several years back.

Proudly “Made in Poland” goes global

It is also worth mentioning that FIBARO and Nice engineers collaborated together in conducting research and development work of this product.

As a person associated with the structures of the Nice group for more than 20 years, I am particularly pleased that the production of BiDi Z-Wave is taking place in near FIBARO factory located near Poznań. The combination of Polish and Italian technological thought allowed the creation of a device designed to reach the smart home market demant around the world. As from today, we welcome all users to the world of smart and secure solutions created by our passion and experience.

– says Adam Krużyński, CEO of FIBARO and Nice Poland

Nice Bidi Z-Wave with the proud “Made in Poland” tag will hit the European markets via official distribution networks of FIBARO and official polish distribution chain Nice starting in August at a price of 65€ net.

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