By deciding on having smart home solutions at home, we want to be sure about their reliability and that it simplifies our daily activities, reduce electricity bills or heating costs. Additionally, it is an opportunity to create an amazing atmosphere that fosters relaxation, sets a perfect atmosphere to watch a favourite show or organize a party in the group of those closest, and in the event of a threat or property damage, FIBARO will rise to the challenge.

In fact, some smart home devices can be present after taking a closer look at the rooms interiors (e.g. Flood Sensor located near the washing machine, Door/Window Sensor placed on the windows, or Smoke Sensor in the kitchen), however certain solutions are completely invisible. Smart modules are placed into flush mounted boxes, hidden behind switches controlling the lights, blinds, gates, awnings or shades.

Modest device with a rich interior

Each of the FIBARO modules varies by its inconspicuous appearance and dimensions which allows them to be put in the flush-mounted boxes in almost every house, apartment or office.

These devices make smart solutions available at your fingertips, and with a hand of a professional smart home installer any average device can become a smart one and interact as a part of smart automation within further years – this is what we call a plethora of smart possibilities.

Improvements within FIBARO offer

Brand new Smart Modules are new to FIBARO offer and will enable smart home management within many devices and components of home or apartment equipment. This modified version of the well-known family of Relay Switch modules, which until recently were available in FIBARO product portfolio, have continued to successfully perform their function, but customer needs and changing technological requirements could not be unnoticed.

Anyone who values safety aspects including property and house members, the modules will suit their needs. These include management of security systems, closing the water or gas supply by controlling electrovalves, controlling heating of stairway, driveway or gutters (especially during the winter) or control the property entrance gate access. Thanks to smart modules, controlling entrance and garage doors or a boiler becomes much easier and accessible – just one tap within FIBARO smart home app to manage electric heating, temperature, blinds, electric heating mats, infrared heaters or even floor heating. FIBARO Certified Installer will help you choose the best solution tailored to your household needs, turning dreams about smart home into reality.

Quality of workmanship, plenty of features and satisfaction for years

Each FIBARO flush-mounted equipment has highest quality design. Proven by the extensive testing and research by independent units, FIBARO modules are indefectible and safe to use and rank at the top of such solutions available on the market.

Dimmer, Single/Double Switch, RGBW Controller and Roller Shutter have been present in FIBARO portofolio since the beginning. One of their core features is active power and electricity measurement. Controlling home budget and spendings becomes a simple routine with these devices. Thanks to the energy consumption charts we are able to take steps to reduce unnecessary expenditure generated by stand-by mode or light that should be turned off in an areas there is nobody. It is also worth mentioning about one important function — while being away you can imitate your presence to make sure nobody will try to break into your premises.

FIBARO modules have numerous features within various application cases e.g. Roller Shutter, where each shutter switches button (open/close blind) can act as a remote control of the entire smart home. Which means that each switch acts as two separate remote controls. Let’s look at just one of the scenarios: a kitchen located near the home entrance. Double-click of down key closes the blinds and after a few minutes later all the lights are turn off to make sure non of them has been left on after leaving the house.

Smart light dimmer module allows you to set the intensity of light that will perfectly fit the current situation and will not be too bright during late night hours. Imagine a perfect path along the hall with a subtle light just showing the way at night – your child will easily navigate to your bedroom at night. Putting the Dimmer into a flush-mounted box will turn ordinary light bulbs, LED, halogens and fluorescent lights into smart light involved in smart scenarios.

Single/Double Switch collectively called Switches will turn any electric device into a part of smart home ecosystem. Sockets are not the only example here, boiler is a popular technology available in many homes and with a smart module it gains completely new functionalities — checking on the electricity consumption, including remote management of the device.

RGBW Controller is mainly associated with creating a suitable mood to rest, slam a house party or create a romantic atmosphere with wife or a girlfriend. Connection with LED/ RGBW/ RBG tapes or halogens will enable remote management of these devices. Run emergency route automation to lead guests to exit, signal water leaks via pulsating lighting and many many more.

The idea of Smart Implant had its showcase during IFA 2018, where classic sensors and weather stations, home appliances, surveillance systems or gate drivers gain their smartness and introduce supreme comfort in every home and apartment. Imagine a flash memory which connected to any piece of equipment such as home alarm, stove, or a humidity sensor, makes it available to manage the appliance via smartphone – this is how the Smart Implant works.

Cooperation stuffed with benefits

Some situations make smart FIBARO modules impossible to use in a designated connection, and therefore e.g. flush mounting boxes. However, FIBARO installer can reach for very interesting solutions provided by Eutonomy, a series of products which are available via FIBARO 3rd Party Brands since March 2020. Eutonomy has manufactured a clever set of euFIX adapters that allow to use of smart modules within electrical switchboards – DIN rails. Approach of this kind makes all modules available in one place for ease of use and management — now it is not necessary to stuff the smart modules into flush mounted boxes to control electrovalves, watering systems or HVAC. Smart home installers will also appreciate color markings that will facilitate identification and replacement of any module.

EuFIX adapters already have many interesting use cases, including implementations of FIBARO Double Switch with euFIX S223 on the DIN rail in order to control the outdoor. building lighting or the driveway and garden lights based on time of day and sunset. Control of underfloor heating sections based on a current heat demand is now available thanks to a simple combination – FIBARO Smart Module and the euFIX S214. Exactly the same connection enables to adjust the watering of the garden on the basis of current water demand, and euFIX D212 with Dimmer to provide convenient management of the entire lighting group in the house. EuFIX adapters are ment to be a DIN rail module and they do their job pretty well. HVAC circuits or sprinklers power supply are located within the DIN rail and this is the only place to put smart home automation to these circuits.

We have accepted the challenge of changing the perception of our smallest and the most mysterious smart products to make them more convenient and comprehensible to most of our users. A set of FIBARO smart modules are now grouped according to the most important parameters, characteristics and features they provide within FIBARO Smart Home System so that everyone can easily and quickly understand how far they can go with their home automation.

In the end, our smart modules can transform every device can into smart one. 😉

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