FIBARO smart home is not just about fire protection, carbon monoxide detection, multimedia management or roller blinds control. Smart home allows you to create the perfect vibe to suit you and your friends or family. Explore the HVAC management capabilities of your smart home.

A home that is waiting for you

When coming back home, our mind is set on all the routines we do after we get back home. A relaxing time with a book, a TV series or music session? Or maybe do some laundry or dish washing that’s been waiting in the kitchen for a longer time? Smart home is a shelter that protects us against heat, rains, cold or frosts. Thanks to automated HVAC schedules, FIBARO will prepare the home for your return by adjusting its temperature, humidity level according to the outside weather conditions. Everything just for your convenience.

By equipping your home with FIBARO samrt devices, you can keep track of many different property areas. Sensors such as Door/Window Sensor, Flood Sensor or or Smoke Sensor contain a built-in temperature and humidity sensor. It provides extra info about the current house state. Almost immediate reaction to any discomfort that has occurred within our premises – activates the air conditioning to reach 22 degrees in the living room as quick as possible. By the time we get home from work, a cooled living room will greet us with a refreshing temperature.

A smart property at your fingertips

Each of us knows this feeling of waking up after a very hot night. We’re over and done with these kind of mornings. Hot holiday mornings are a pleasure when automation opens the blinds for us to let the sunshine in and the smart HVAC will take care of the right temperature ensuring you have a warm or cool awakening. Just as you like it.

Best HVAC automation is delivered by technology of HMS Intesis devices which are a part of FIBARO 3rd Party Brands since March 2020. The universal gateway makes Intesis IS IR WMP integrated via IR (infrared). It enables a number of HVAC automation scenes that will set the desired temperature. Here is a good example. The air conditioner will turn on automatically when the Motion Sensor detects motion and the room temperature exceeds 25 degrees.

We bet each of us have shivers down your back when thinking of the waste of time, money or energy. For all these problems, Intesis gateway will turn off the 😉 integrated air conditioning when the Door/Window Sensor will detect an opened window.

Smart home by FIBARO will always extend comfort and bring smart living to life. Furthermore, a complex smart home installation will optimize management of each automated home areas to lower costs and save energy. Check out for more here.