FIBARO launches the 3rd Party Brands project and becomes the official distributor of MCOHome, Eutonomy, SALTO and HMS smart solutions.  

FIBARO as a global manufacturer of wireless smart home systems responds to the needs of distributors, installers and users by developing a new area of its business. The company has decided to engage with industry leaders whose perfectly integrated their technologies with FIBARO smart home system and significantly expanded its capabilities. This is just the beginning of our development plans. The company is looking forward to join other brands solutions.  

After analyzing the current range of smart home devices from various manufacturers, we found that there are trustworthy technologies on the market, tested by FIBARO certified installers as a complement to our offer.

— mentioned Adam Krużyński, FIBARO CEO.

The process of designing, prototyping and testing new devices is very expensive and at the same time the world of the Internet of Things requires a combination of competences from very remote fields. Therefore, for years, we have been making the most of the knowledge of other brands and combining solutions between manufacturers with the FIBARO smart home through integrations. Today we are taking a next step forward by strengthening our cooperation with 4 brands whose products were extensively tested and have their quality confirmed.

— explains Adam Krużyński.

As part of the new FIBARO development area, the official distribution of SALTO Danalock, MCOHome and HMS Intesis products begins in Europe, but there are plans to expand into new regions of the world. Eutonomy solutions however, are exclusively distributed by FIBARO to the entire world.

3rd Party Brands project creates a new and unique opportunity for Distributors and Installers. FIBARO is now the hub for these brands which will provide verified and tested smart home integrations. The best part is that the process is simplified to one order, one delivery, one payment, one support and complaint center. One-stop-shop at its best. Furthermore, the purchasing power of FIBARO enables to offer favorable trading conditions without a required minimum amount of order.

SALTO is an established manufacturer of Danalock V3 smart door lock which allows remote access control to homes, offices, shops, hotels and apartments for short-term rentals. FIBARO improves Danalock smart lock compatibility and makes it easy to connect with alarm or fire systems – all managed through one smart home app.

MCOHome supplements FIBARO’s offer with solutions dedicated to HVAC management and air quality monitoring. Technologies developed by this company are appreciated by customers and installers who find it one of a kind.

Eutonomy provides professional accessories designed to connect with FIBARO smart home including docking frames for Apple and Samsung tablets or special adapters designed for FIBARO smart modules installed on DIN rail, which will enable to easily connect heating devices RTV, AV with FIBARO smart automation.

HMS Intesis manufactures excellent adapters for connecting the FIBARO system with a wide range of air conditioners, enabling simple automation within air conditioning system by using a smartphone. The interesting part is that this method maintains remote control capabilities. What’s worth emphasizing — HMS solutions are ready to use with a very large number of air conditioners simultaneously.

Visit the FIBARO 3rd Party Brands site