When leaving the house, we ask ourselves a lot of questions related to the condition of the equipment that we leave in it. Whether for sure nothing will happen, whether there will be a failure, whether none of the household is threaten by anything. Potentially dangerous situations can also happen when we are in our home. It is worth having a system that will protect against potential damage and maintain a peace of mind and health of the household.

The quality of the air we breathe is a very popular topic of conversation recently and often mentioned by media. During summer, the situation of air pollution with solid particles seems not to be so popular, however, it is worthwhile to stock up in advance with appropriate solutions that will help to breathe a full breast in your home. Automation is a solution to this problem, namely the FIBARO Wall Plug and the connected air purifier. Any detection of high concentrations of PM2,5 or PM10 particles (via a device or online service such as airly) will activate the purifier. Another more extensive scenario may be automatic closing of FAKRO windows that work with FIBARO and automatic activation of the air purifier.

Winter time is also a period when we get information about leaky heating systems and the danger that is directly linked to the so called silent killer, namely carbon monoxide. CO Sensor is a carbon monoxide detector that detects high levels of carbon monoxide and sends appropriate notification to user’s phones at the same time opens windows to let the clean air in and shuts off the gas supply with a suitable electrovalve.

Locating the device within the kitchen or bathroom appliances where potential danger may occur including flooding or fires will prevent the consequences of these events. Smoke Sensor in the area of the oven will prevent your cakes and dishes from burning. When detecting smoke from the stove, the FIBARO Single Switch or Wall Plug automatically cuts off the power supply to avoid tragic consequences of fire, damage and the aftermath repair work. The leakage detector – Flood Sensor – located under a dishwasher, sink or washing machine will detect even the slightest leak. As it can trigger action, the water supply will be cut and the user will get a notification to the smartphone that such event took place at his house.

Emergency situations provoke necessary actions but first of all we think about our family, whether they are safe. Don’t let your thoughts about family’s health and safety take your daily time. You can be sure that you keep your hand on safety with FIBARO devices. An instant reaction of devices and home automation will react immediately to a dangerous event.


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