The 10 years of FIBARO brand is an excellent opportunity to look at everything that has been yet achieved. Sometimes we forget how we started with a few enthusiast in the garage, what the first meetings with Apple or Google looked like, how we produced our devices in previous factories. Today, many companies are looking for ideas to deliver the best quality technologies. However, it is often forgotten that good ideas are sometimes the simplest one that already exist within proven solutions. Former article has covered the topic of FIBARO’s new proposal the Third-party Brands, which offers a selection of smart home technologies. Here are 5 reasons why FIBARO again becomes an active distributor of smart home accessories.

REASON No. 1: First of all, the Customer Experience

Building positive customer experience is the guarantor for success on the current smart home market. Technology often turns out to be a challenge to a person, so basing entire offer on connectivity feature makes no value to a user anymore. No one will buy a  roller blinds controller just because it can handle 1000 others roller blinds versions. User wants solutions that will handle only his roller blind and ensure trouble-free performance and simple use to all household members. Furthermore, the customer takes the smart home system as a whole set of automations rather than separate automations connected into one. His objective is to solve the most of challenges as soon as possible within one supplier. For this reason, our priority is to have a maxed out cross-brand offer. We identified areas where there were most “difficult interactions” such as HVAC systems, heat pumps, access control systems or air quality monitoring.

Another proof is the constantly changing customer’s needs. Our users develop their ideas to use the system when using it. What was important to users 4 years ago (e.g. smart lighting), today may be a secondary need. Current users are prompted by the trends of clear air or the environmentally friendly heat sources, and this is what we expect from our business partners and installers. Simply — only suppliers who adapt their offer to current trends will get it all.

REASON No. 2: You can not be great in everything

Some areas were always a challenge to home automation installers. Roller blinds, lighting management and alarm systems are popular installations frequently offered with related solutions. However, the world is moving forward. Since the trends are changing on and on, customers keep asking for ecological heat sources such as heat pumps, complex underfloor heating systems or infrared heating mats. These are the new standards available in more and more houses. HVAC systems still are problematic to most of automations designed with various systems. When designing the distribution offer, we have concentrated on combining hardware in order to resolve the complexity of these areas. MCOHome and its heating controllers or HMS Intesis HVAC adapter are great examples of making a hard thing easy.

REASON No. 3: Smart home is not just SMART devices

The customer’s smart home journey had become a completely new path to us after several meetings and discussions with installers. It turned out that smart means nothing without the whole range of everyday accessories that customer includes in his daily activities. On the one hand, we provide the best devices, but on the other hand, they are mounted in a junction box or are placed on the ceiling and simply do their job. Using their performance means talking to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri or using mobile app. Especially in the latter area, there are significant market deficits, so we introduced aesthetic and customized frame mounts from EUTONOMY.

Accessories of this kind provide a uniform experience and define the way the user uses the system.

REASON No. 4:Change is the only constant

The smart solutions market continues to grow – tech giants such as Google, Samsung, IKEA and Amazon have entered the stage in a spectacular way. Perhaps the future of the market are industries that are new to smart home and 10 years back, practically did not exist. Property rental is a great deal for sure. Currently, almost every twentieth adult Polish resident lives in a rented apartment. That’s twice as much as it was 8 years ago. In some of Western Europe countries, this proportion reaches more than 50%. This creates a group of users with new categories of needs to which the “distributors of tomorrow” will soon have to respond. Addressing the potential needs of new industries such as short and long term rental, FIBARO has introduced SALTO Danalock to its offer. It is a product known and prized by the current partner network. If we consider that our research for generation Z indicates smart access control as the main purchase factor, then a proper selection of new smart hardware will establish new sales opportunities across the sales network.

REASON No. 5:At the end of the day, “here and now” is what counts the most

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. The same is the daily work of the installer. FIBARO has been designed as a system extremely fast to install and very efficient in the configuration process. A typical installation in a regular house along with set up process is sometimes a matter of 48 hours, and some of the work can be carried out remotely. In such situations it is hard to explain a demanding customers that complimentary products must come from an external supplier, and the warranty is realized by someone else. A modern customer expects a comprehensive service, provided by a single retailer.  A few weeks of waiting for supplementary devices is not an option. On the other hand, installer has to be sure that the product designated for a certain installation is in stock, properly tested and serviced when needed. From the perspective of the distributor, agility and logistics of packaging and shipping matters a lot. Instant delivery and no MOQ (minimum order quantity) were important part of the service .

There is no doubt, the smart home industry is rapidly changing, customers look for technologies of highest service standards. To meet these requirements and maximize support of FIBARO partner network, we have introduced a number of third-party brands into our offer to speed up installation and provide better customer experience. Third-party brands give new business opportunities for Distributors and Installers. FIBARO becomes the one and only business contact and supplier of reliable smart home technologies. Now, everything is simplified to one order, one shipment, one payment, one support, service and complaint center. TL;DR: one-stop-shop. FIBARO has an extraordinary purchase power that guarantees best trading conditions to the business network with no minimum order quantity.