For many of us, the backyard garden is one of the most important places — it’s somehow our personality, a space to rest and meetings, a soothing view of every day. Many of us spend a pleasurable and relaxing time in the backyard that we love to look after and nurture its condition. However, we do not always have time or are at home to take care of the garden.

Longer absence can ruin our everyday effort and turn our backyard into a land of faded plants. This is where the smart garden supports our work. It is worth to remember that home automation can care for our plants at certain hours (schedule) but also can perform different activities according to the current weather. Smart garden solutions are controlled via FIBARO Single/Double Switch and an electrovalve. In combination with a personalized automation scene e.g. “watering” we do not have to think about taking care of plants every evening. Simply include a weather station into smart garden automation scenes and the garden irrigation system won’t start if there is rain about to start. Watering isn’t a good idea during a full sun or extremely high temperatures. Schedules do not take into account current state of the weather and starts watering even though it can deteriorate the plants.

Detached house often have a parking on the driveway. A programmed smart home universal remote control lets you activate the lightening scene in the driveway between the entrance gate and the house. When you enter the house and trigger the Door/Window Sensor, the scene will automatically terminate after the time specified by the household. A perfect kind of light fade out delay. Setting up schedules according to time of the day will adapt the lighting and turn it on only after sunset.

Garden is a meeting spot for family and friends, a barbecue time, a scene for a longer chat and rest at any time of the day and night. By placing the Button next to the door leading to the garden, you can start any automated lighting scene within your smart garden. A one click to fade the bulbs by 50%, two clicks to activate colorful alley lights leading to the summer house. RGBW light controller module manages the colors of any light source you have. There are no limits – just think of what you would have automated in your smart garden. Automation can also set up your favorite music with a smart speaker. From now on, garden parties are the part of everyday life and all you need is the right lighting and music.

Smart garden surveillance system combined with an alarm transform any backyard into a protected area where no trespassing is permitted. Automatic mowers are an integral part of the smart garden and advanced automation scenes will make sure it does not overlap with watering nor interfere with the use of the garden.

As you can see, possibilities of smart home by FIBARO are not limited to rooms of houses and apartments, creating a perfect atmosphere for all the guests and households in the garden has never been so simple and smart. Explore the features of smart garden.

Smart garden