The FIBARO Walli line, winner of the Gold Medal at BUDMA 2019, has been complemented with new products. The Walli N Outlet and the Walli USB available from May completed the line of smart switches and sockets with all previously announced classic devices.

FIBARO Walli series is not limited to the management of lighting or electricity in the house or apartment. All the smart devices included in the home environment offer great opportunities to take care of both the electric bill and provide highest comfort. The system can detect a reduced power consumption in one of the outlets related to switching off the TV and triggers other devices to switch off as well – including related devices and the light after leaving the room. Such data enables optimization of everyday home spendings.

From now on, all of Clients needs will me answered with complete, comprehensive and flexible set of products that allow for turning each home into a stylish, eco and one of a kind smart home.

Walli N Outlet comes in two versions – type E and F.

Walli switches and outlets are now available for sale:

Smart devices:
• FIBARO Walli Switch
• FIBARO Walli Dimmer
• FIBARO Walli Roller Shutter
• FIBARO Walli Outlet type E, type F

Classic devices:
• FIBARO Walli N TV-SAT Outlet
• FIBARO Walli N Ethernet Outlet
• FIBARO Walli N Outlet type E, type F

Meet FIBARO Walli