“The Internet of Things is one of the few industries where competition works closely together.” This is the motto since the beginning of FIBARO. Over the years, we have invested a lot in integrating and promoting other manufacturers solutions. Our focus is aimed at industry connected devices and their scale of cross-brand adaptation as a measure of market success.

Smart home by its definition must be connected, and the client subconsciously looks for integration-ready technologies. Business customer happens to have the same goals — distributors and installers have already noticed that the key to develop and boost sales is to mix the offer and introduce more and more complex smart home solutions. Silos offers are a putting  business into risk and limit the customer experience. The research we did in early 2020 on a group of almost 2,000 FIBARO System users who made it clear that 58% of them want their smart home system extended with other new features.

Such results clearly confirm that FIBARO has got it right since the beginning.  For this reason, we have focused on Z-Wave technology which has given us a leading position in the wireless building automation industry. Z-Wave is currently a dominant technology available in more than 2400 certified devices offered by more than 700 manufacturers. Z-Wave Alliance official data claims that there is approximately 100 million compatible devices.

The above data underlines that there are no manufacturers who will deliver customer experience with a closed system. In other words, no one will manage to produce all necessary devices. FIBARO knew this from the start, when its product portfolio had 3 products (Dimmer, Relay Switch and Roller Shutter) with no control panel or sensors devices. Distribution of hardware such as Danfoss thermostatic heads, Everspring and Aeon Labs sensors brought us a better user experience and build a more comprehensive offer for our business partners.

Of course, over time, the product portfolio of FIBARO has grown considerably — currently 33 products available in many versions. Despite this, we are keeping up the good pace and try to provide more and better experience to our demanding users.

Our strong distribution and installation network gives a valuable feedback from the market so we can see the growing customer requirements and go far beyond simple controls and temperature sensors. New ideas on how to interact with smart home are emerging everyday which technically mean new device connections where FIBARO can act as a core hub, and from a business perspective, can become a source of revenue for our business network.

For the above reasons , we regularly analyze the market and try to track down new requirements of our partners and customers. Quality assurance processes let us examine solutions installed and merged to FIBARO smart home.  After analyzing the current range of smart home devices from different manufacturers, we found that there are reliable solutions on the market, tested by FIBARO certified installers as a supplement to our offer.  Launch of Third-party Brands is a result of our research – solutions integrated with FIBARO System, carefully selected in terms of excellent value for money.

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