A new FIBARO factory has just been opened in Poland, in Wysogotowo near Poznań. Production capacity of the new factory reaches nearly 4 million smart home devices per year.

From Poland to the entire world

It is the factory in Poland that FIBARO devices are delivered to more than a hundred markets — apartments and houses from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, from Azores to Kamchatka, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Mumbai or Johannesburg. The new manufacturing plant located next to the headquarters is a huge advantage for FIBARO. It enables a quick confrontation of new ideas as well as to have full control over the manufacturing process. Unlike most consumer electronics manufacturers, FIBARO does not intend to produce in Asia. This is a huge advantage of FIBARO over its competitors.

New manufacturing plant also provides greater comfort for employees and the application of state-of-the-art standards. New location consistently operates in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards and each device being created here undergoes a multi-stage quality control process. FIBARO smart home devices are manuafactured by the most advanced professional production machinery of such brands as Yamaha, Ersa and Nordson Asymtek.

The dynamic development of the company forces us to implement another necessary changes. Recently, we moved to a new headquarters where we can boost our efficiency. Today, it is our factory that has joined forces next to the headquarters building. The new location was created to produce more and faster — what is the directly the customers demand – and provide employees with a comfortable working environment.

— says Bartłomiej Arcichowski, FIBARO CTO.

From a garage startup to a world player

FIBARO is proud of the fact that it shares the fate of the great ones like Apple or Amazon who have started their careers in the garage and after years of hard work, they have succeeded worldwide.

When we realize that less than a decade ago, under miserable conditions — in a regularly flooded garage — we have created the first prototypes of FIBARO devices, the more successful we celebrate today’s new factory and it gets more and more spectacular. I’m glad we’ve made such a big jump over the last few years. Success that we have achieved together is a confirmation that sky is the limit. Fantastic feeling like this to build something from scratch and see that giants like Google or Apple, and most importantly the users around the world appreciate it so much.

comments Maciej Fiedler, CEO of FIBARO.

Former FIBARO manufacturing plant was more than twice as smaller, and the growing demand made it necessary for the company to look for new solutions that would increase production capacity. Transfer to new and bigger location therefore gives much greater opportunities to meet the needs of the smart home market which according to the analysis, will get bigger and bigger in the upcoming years. New factory has over 1200 m2 of production area, 1250 m2 of warehouse area and 1700 m2 of office and social space.

More information about the company and smart home products are available on the official website.

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