Life is surprising and random events can strongly turn a daily routine into a series of failures. A sense of security is the most valuable feature we can provide with ourselves and our family. When our home is safe, we can enjoy the time we spend in the family circle, develop our passions and enjoy time during relaxation. A situation where you have 100% confidence that you keep control on everything allows to boost our life comfort which turns out to be quite stressful for people.

Life-threatening situations can happen almost anywhere. Setting up an automation with FIBARO smart home in the office can help us maintain stressful situations. A good example is when a customer makes a brawl inside our office. Just one press of The Button will alert security to gently help our customer calm down. Another example of using a smart automation is a scenario with a Keyfob integreated with alarm system and lights, where after one press of a button will instantly start the lighting and sound. A thief trying to break into the house will immediately be scared away and won’t get back at your door anymore.

Caring for friends and family is what we do all the time. Combining FIBARO and the IFTTT platform will provide information whether our child got to the school safely or whether it has came back home after a set time. The location sent by the smartphone and setting the appropriate function in the IFTTT panel keeps a close eye on where is our child at a certain moment.

When we’re not home we can continue to have complete control over what’s going on inside. Any movement detected by the camera will send a printscreen to the smartphone to verify the source of the breach. Who knows — maybe a cat or a dog got into a room where it actually shouldn’t be, maybe the kid came home early or maybe there’s a unknown person inside your home?

None of us like going home checking to see if we turned off the TV or if we closed the windows before we left etc. FIBARO the Button sends request to smart home system to check on the doors and windows status, whether we have turned out the lights or find out if Wall Plug is not connected to any unnecessary appliances. After a few seconds, we’ll get a push notification on the phone saying if everything is fine and if we can leave the house without worrying.

Shorter or longer leaves are not a problem to FIBARO smart home. Presence simulation performed at home by switching lights on and off automatically or turning on the TV or any other equipment may save our belongings and the entire home.

The popular saying “better safe than sorry” is one of these sayings that turns out to be quite often true and we remind ourselves of it when it’s too late to react. Investment in the FIBARO smart home system will allow you to sleep well, relax and even control the situations that could potentially end up pretty poor.