Autumn evenings make us subconsciously seek rest, comfort and relaxation, including warm temperatures around our house. A proper smart home is able to satisfy all these needs in no time.

By installing the Heat Controller – smart thermostatic valve – in many rooms, including bathroom, hall, living room or bedroom, we can perform full and smart HVAC management in our entire house and maintain one Celsius degree accuracy. Unique convenience of this solution is not only that the space will automatically prepare for your return from work or a walk, the temperature can easily be set manually to make an exception to our smart automation schedules.

To let yourself relax on the sofa before the next season of one of your favourite Netflix shows, set a bit higher temperature than the one set in the bedroom, because a proper sleep requires a bit lower temperatures. Heating costs optimization are highly desirable nowadays. Smart HVAC turns off the heating or air conditioning in rooms where nobody’s present, including garage or rooms that quickly maintain target temperature e.g. kitchen. Additionally, using a unique accessory to make the temperature measurement more accurate. FIBARO Temperature Sensor is a small tile that can be placed anywhere, such as in the living room. It is to make a point of temperature assessment in a desired spot of a room. Example: we want to have exactly 24 degrees next to the couch in our living room, which is why the smart thermostatic valve will warm up the room for so long until the external temperature sensor notes this value near the couch.

Automation schedules is another feature worth mentioning. FIBARO Home Center Lite, Home Center 2 and the newest one Home Center 3 allow you to create a HVAC automation schedule with a user-friendly climate dashboard. The configuration process itself is extremely simple, and then there is nothing left but to forget about adjusting the smart thermostatic valves. However, if we need to leave unexpectedly, or we’re home earlier, we can turn off the automation schedule remotely or speed it up — you need just access to the Internet, FIBARO Home Center App or a smart watch.

HVAC has many names It’s also the mood, the atmosphere, the overall quality of our rest. If we want to create the right scenery for work, focus or relaxation, we can reach for the app on the phone where the RGBW Controller will change the colour of light on LED or RGB stripes.

Every single person enjoys different incentives in order to have a perfect rest in a home. FIBARO’s smart home will meet all the requirements, even if the are very pompous.