The decision to use smart solutions in your home is the first and most important step, which will soon result in plenty of saved time, increased comfort of living and substantial home budget savings.

You may probably know some of use cases on how to use the smart heat controller by FIBARO in combination with temperature sensor. Obviously, it is an ideal solution for heating seasons. Replacing classic technologies with smart solutions will save up to 42% on annual heating costs. How? Actually, there are plenty examples out there. The simplest one is to adjust the desired temperature relative to individual rooms. It is not necessary to maintain the same temperature in the hall, bathroom or living room. We stay at several rooms for a different amount of time. Setting up a temperature automation in a given room with the smart home app optimizes the heating costs. In addition, combining the smart motion detector with smart heat controller will automatically reduce the temperature in rooms where no one is present for a longer time. Motion detector has the feature of detecting presence in a room, so when nobody is in the room it will turn off the lights as well. It is wise to turn off the light in rooms where nobody is present, isn’t it?

Benefits of having mototrized blinds It is obvious that we try to lower heat loss during winter time. Automated blinds help to enhance heating performance, especially in a specific scenario when leaving the house triggers a complex scene. A scene which turns off all of the lights, lowers the temperature in and closes the blinds to secure entire house. It’s worth mentioning that external blinds are a great insulator so that the heat loss is minimized. FIBARO smart home allows you to manage devices in many ways. Say a voice command to trigger the voice assistant to perform certain activities for us. The fun fact is that you can use the FIBARO Home Center App or make hand a gesture to trigger any home automation. Swipe is one of the devices that translates gestures into real device actions and it works very smoothly. Multitude of possibilities to run “leaving home” scene.

Latest devices of smart switches and outlets called Walli are the response of our everyday needs. One of their features is the energy consumption monitor to keep an eye on the devices. The surrounding LED ring changes its colour and signals the current energy consumption. Furthermore, the list of the most energy consuming devices and a chart that pictures some digits and estimates on real energy costs of the connected device give you a detailed insight on how to manage home appliances. Optimizing the home budget may turn out as a major saving factor. Imagine that all devices on stand by mode actually do consume small bits of energy – now you can turn it all off. Knowledge about precise energy consumption means better equipment management (e.g. multimedia or small household appliances) and makes you one step ahead to proper savings.

Smart Implant which had its great premiere at the IFA Berlin, puts some smartness into non intelligent devices such as stoves, heat pumps etc. If the smart implant is integrated with the humidity sensor and a weather station, it will enable scheduled automation and e.g. start the sprinklers at exact time. The best part is when it is not necessary to irrigate the garden after the rain. You can set an exception that uses weather data of your location to find out if it makes sense to turn on the sprinklers. How cool is that?

These savings examples are just a small part of how to benefit form FIBARO smart home. Smart home is also about increased security, unique comfort of living, time saving and a whole bunch of good entertainment.