There is no doubt: the right lighting allows you to relax, focus on work or study, while adding a touch of color in the form of LED strip will make social gatherings an unforgettable party. Lighting plays a very important role in our daily lives — we spend more than half of the time during the day in lit rooms so the it consumes a significant part of our funds as well. Therefore, it is worth considering creating an attractive space with a set of functionalities designed specially for us. The clue is to make a thoughtful lighting automation that will deliver cutting edge user experience. FIBARO smart home will seriously ramp up your daily routine.

Starting a day might be the most difficult part of the day. Every additional minute of our sleep makes the morning toilet and getting out to work a nightmare. This is where FIBARO smart home breakes the ice and turns the morning into more pleasurable one. All you need to do is a proper system set up to turn on the bedroom light to 30% of their power. A simple light interaction will inform you that it’s the right time to wake up and start all your morning activities. The smart light dimmer controller via Home Center App and the right smart bulbs or LED strips.

Don’t ever be late again and let your smart home help you wake up. The ball is in your court. Wait a minute… what about locking all the door and closing all the windows? Press just one button or the Walli smart switch and ignite home security automation. FIBARO is designed to arm the alarm and turn off all unnecessary devices and lights across the entire house. Isn’t it fantastic? Summer time is when we are doing a lot of barbecue in our backyard or drop some beats to have fun with friends. After the sunset, FIBARO smart home will automate alleys and bushes illumination whilst the terrace will shine with a riot of colours thanks initiated by RGBW Controller.

If you rather spend time reading a book or watch a movie with your friends, there is a set of automation for it as well. The front door to the house can be opened via the integrated smart lock and FIBARO Intercom – a smart doorbell camera. The caller will be displayed on the screen of your smartphone, and here’s the best part – let him in without getting up from the couch. Great, huh? Change the light color of the LED strips used as an ambient light by pressing (e.g. 3 or 2 times) the FIBARO Walli Switch. After this simple action, the switch will inform the Home Center 2 to activate RGBW Controller and use it to turn on the corresponding color on selected LED strips. Play a fine tune from an integrated smart speaker and make your party an unforgettable one. As it turns out, it is super convenient to control a smart home with voice assistants (e.g. Amazon Alexa or Google Home). Just say the right command and the FIBARO Dimmer dims the light, the RGBW Controller will create an perfect atmosphere to watch a TV show or movie.

Our home is where we spend the most of our time, a place where we want to feel safe. We have set FIBARO smart home system features to make homes even more useful within areas like safety and security or comfort. Proper warning signals activated by smart carbon monoxide detector after detecting concentrations of carbon monoxide are one of the best examples on how the smart home can protect any family. However, lights can inform about any uninvited guests. A longer absence means a home presence simulation to FIBARO system. If any burglar notifies an unexpected light activation he may think there is someone inside the house so that he wont try to break into your home.

Endless possibilities of FIBARO smart home are a great evidence of how different benefits the system brings to our homes, even with a simple light automation. As the user’s needs increase, the smart ecosystem can be expanded so that the household can enjoy new automations. Remember that a certified smart home installer is ready to transform your home and set limitless automation.