FIBARO Marketplace is a unique space for everyone who wants to share their integration for the Home Center with a wider audience. A multitude of programmers and enthusiasts from all over the world publish here their work that integrate various technologies and systems in order to achieve completely new functionalities and capabilities. With FIBARO smart home most dedicated fans sharing their own integrations, the awareness of the opportunities offered by integrated smart home solutions continues to grow. The number of integrations available at the Marketplace is constantly growing due to the open architecture of the FIBARO System. We present a subjective selection of the most interesting solutions that every user can use within their scenes.

LOOKO2 – smog sensor integrated with Home Center 2

Author: Paweł Wroński

This relatively simple integration takes advantage of the enormous possibilities offered by the LookO2 smog sensor. When a certain level of air pollution is detected, the sensor triggers an alarm that can be followed by a series of events. Imagine an automatically activated air purification system or automatically controlled windows that close when the level of smog outside reaches a dangerous value. All this in a single, consistent FOBARP Home Center 2 environment.


Yamaha Universal MusicCast – music for your home

Author: Liam Devlin

The right music for the job can give you and your family a unique mood. It is worth using devices from the Yamaha Music Cast series for this particular purpose. Thanks to a virtual device, user gains much wider possibilities. Controlling music playback in FIBARO Home Center 2 environment creates completely new options of integration with other systems. Would you like to be greeted by your favourite music when you open the door to your home? Or maybe you want to hear atmospheric music in your garden when it gets dark? Now it’s possible thanks to the user’s solution, a’ka Liam Devlin.


Husqvarna Automower Connect – beautiful lawn is our aim

Author: Pieter Hoekstra

You don’t have to convince anyone that a real green lawn can be the pride of every house. However, for this to happen, it must be properly maintained and mown frequently. Now, with Husqvarna Automower Connect and FIBARO smart home System it’s super easy. Would you like watering to start automatically when you’ve finished mowing? Do you want mowing to start right after sunset? Or you know that your grass shouldn’t be mowed right after the rain? No problem at all! Now, with Pieter Hoekstr’s virtual machine, the Husqvarna mower, several sensors and the FIBARO System, this is actually possible.


Dyson Bladeless Tower Fan – Designer air conditioner ready to work with your smart home system

Author: Aik Leong Khoo

It is often very difficult to have adequate thermal comfort allowing for free performance of everyday activities, especially during summer. For this occasion, manufacturers of refrigerating appliances such as Dyson have prepared an offer of mobile air conditioners, which perform their work excellently. Now you do not have to cut out walls or adjust the architecture of your apartment to the requirements of complex HVAC systems. Forget about the clunky designs of older-generation air conditioners and look ahead to the future. From now on you can integrate your FIBARO System with the Bladeless Tower Fan design air conditioner. Design scenes that will meet your expectations! Program your air conditioner to cool the room down before you arrive from work. You want the windows shut when the air conditioner is on – no problem. Your home Your imagination.


The potential for integration is almost unlimited. I encourage you to visit our Marketplace, there will probably be solutions that will be useful in your smart home. If not, they will inspire you to create solutions that you will want to share with other users.