Whenever the days become shorter and cooler, we begin to wonder how we could get back to a properly heated house filled with fresh air of proper humidity. FIBARO’s smart home is not just about controlling heating, lighting or informing about emerging threats. Explore the amazing features of having a smart home system — start saving money, avoid installation failures and, most importantly, feel comfortable enough to relax most time of the day.

It is obvious that we often think what what to do right after entering the house. A relaxing time with a book, in front of TV or a music session? Or maybe do some cleaning or washing
that’s waiting in the kitchen a longer time? Smart home is a shelter that protects us against heat, rains, cold or frosts. Thanks to automated schedules, FIBARO smart home will get everything ready before you get back home including temperature adjustment or even air humidity in accordance to the current weather conditions. Everything just for your convenience.

Set up the Door/Window Sensor, thermostat and The Heat Controller head to enjoy an automated and intuitive thermal comfort that saves money as well. Air conditioning is priceless during hot days. Colder days, on the other hand, activate other features of the HVAC system and make our home environment warm. In each of these two situations, combining FIBARO devices with the HVAC will perform automatic management such as shutting down the heating if the window is opened. This is a perfect way to avoid unnecessary energy consumption and, consequently, build-up the home budget. However, if you feel the temperature in your home is too low, simply increase it via smart home app, namely FIBARO Home Center App.

Diseases of the lungs and air pollution become a taboo subject right after the heating season begins. Each of us care about the health of our loved ones. FIBARO smart home has a proper solution to help you maintain the right level of humidity in the rooms. Integrate air humidifier equipped with FIBARO Smart Implant to see a pure combination of simple automation that takes care of the air quality. Use Wall Plug to add additional control to it. Air quality sensor provides air quality data and monitors the concentration of particulate matter in the air, including PM 2.5 and PM 10 inside the premises. A setup combined with the FIBARO CO Sensor that keeps track of the carbon monoxide concentration – the invisible killer, and automatic ventilation, you will get rid of the invisible threat. All this done by your home — for your health and comfort.

Smart home by FIBARO will always watch over the comfort and health of living of its residents. Furthermore, a complex smart home installation will optimize management of each automated home areas to lower costs and save energy.